Every day, millions of people, women, children and even men are trafficked in all areas of the world, including the United States. This billion dollar industry enslaves the lives of innocent people to a dark and lonely existence, forcing them to engage in hard labor, drug mulling, and most commonly, sex trafficking and prostitution.  Children, barely beyond their infancy, have been found as victims of this cruel industry as they are often sold by their parents simply because they can not afford to feed them any longer. Young women living in poverty, are seduced by the idea of a better life and trust in the wrong people, only to wake up kidnapped with a hefty smuggling fee and their passport in the hands of their new traffickers. They must now work off their smuggling fee with their bodies. Men are encouraged to leave their homes to work for a company they have never heard of only to become a labor slave, making next to nothing with no way out. Please help ease their suffering by donating to the groups who are currently fighting against the horrors of human trafficking. For every book purchased of the Stronger Series, $1 will be donated to charity to benefit the real victims of human trafficking. Please aid in the fight against the industry that seeks to enslave and steal away our basic human rights and bring back a little light into the lives of victims. 

If you are being trafficked and need help, or if you suspect you've witnessed human trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-373-7888 or visit

"This is for you. For the ones who have suffered. For the ones who have despaired. For the ones who continue to fight every day to simply stay alive. And for the ones who are already lost. It is my greatest hope that you find your way back to us, for I am not done fighting for you...but only you can make yourself stronger."'

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